Austrian Airlines

The Austrian Airlines Group (“Austrian”) is Austria’s leading domestic carrier, and belongs to the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest group of airlines. We are committed to providing a high quality product, and are one of the leading competitors in the European airline industry. Our attractive network connects East and West, with our Vienna hub as the centre of operations. True to our motto, “the charming way to fly”, we do everything we can to ensure our customers look forward to the next time they travel with Austrian.

Fast and relaxed to meetings – right around the world

Austrian Airlines is Austria’s largest domestic carrier, and uses a global route network of around 130 destinations. This network is particularly dense in Central and Eastern Europe, where it has 40 destinations. At the Vienna hub, an airport specialising in short, quick transit routes where passengers are never called upon to walk further than 500 metres, you’ll be able to make your connecting flights quickly and comfortably, without the need to change terminals. Austrian Airlines is part of the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest group of airlines, and a member of the Star Alliance.

Link between West and East

Austrian Airlines offers some 130 destinations in over 20 countries, including more in Central and Eastern Europe than any other Western European airline. The company operates around 500 flights a week, giving you the flexibility and freedom you need to schedule your meetings successfully.

Sleep almost as if you were at home

At almost two metres long, offering plenty of space and doubling as a completely flat bed, the new Business Class seat is a truly impressive creature. Its innovative air pillow system makes it possible to adjust the seating comfort to your individual needs. The system memorises the settings throughout your flight, so you can relax on board – just as comfortably as you would do at home. At the touch of a button, you can take up your preferred sitting position: Upright, Relax or Sleep. That’s far from all, however: at the touch of another button, you can also start the built-in massage function. With the seat’s innovative air-pillow system, it’s now possible to set the seating comfort individually. That means you’re guaranteed to arrive at your destination relaxed, so you can start the new day fresh, and ready for anything!

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