Sustainable Aviation Fuel

#MakeChangeFly - convert Benefit Points into Sustainable Aviation Fuel now and reduce your carbon footprint.

In order to meet the challenges of CO2-neutral aviation, the development and use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel is an enormously important goal.
Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the generic term for all aviation fuels that are produced without the use of fossil energy sources. The currently most commonly used SAF is produced from biogenic residues. Fats from the food industry (used cooking fats) and industrial waste are used for this purpose. In this way, production does not compete with food production.

You can reduce the CO2 emissions of your company's air travel now by converting your Benefit Points into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).
• For your sustainable commitment, you will receive a digital certificate confirmed by the Lufthansa Group up to a commitment of 720,000 Benefit Points.
• Contributions above 720,000 Benefit Points are certified directly via Compensaid according to the Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol-standard by an external auditor and can be officially used to offset your eco-balance.

How many points are needed for the Sustainable Aviation Fuel?
• The Lufthansa Group certificate can be issued from a minimum value of 18,000 Benefit Points corresponding to 50 Euro.
• From the value of 720,000 Benefit Points, corresponding to 2,000 Euro and 2,989 kilogram of CO2 reduction, the Emission Mitigation certificate of Compensaid according to the Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol-standard will be issued to you.

Kindly let us know in the booking section how many points you would like to redeem for SAF.

• First you will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail.
• The Lufthansa Group certificate will be send to you via email after a maximum period of 3 weeks.
• The Emission Mitigation certificate will be send to you via email at a latest after 10-12 weeks.

Kindly note that the certificates can only be sent to the e-mail address saved in your Benefit account profile. Please check the correct spelling of your company name within your profile as this is used for the certificate issuance.

You can cancel your booking within 24 hours. Therefore, please contact your Benefit Service Center Team.

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