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PartnerPlusBenefit - the Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Corporate Bonus programme offers you many advantages at no additional cost. Find out how you and your company can benefit from PartnerPlusBenefit.

As a member, you can manage your own BenefitPoints account here - view your earned BenefitPoints and redeem them for BenefitAwards.

On this comprehensive website, you can find all details concerning PartnerPlusBenefit. Click on the menu buttons for further information.

It’s now even easier: search flights, book and earn BenefitPoints

Now planning a trip on is even more convenient: when you book online your airline tickets are also instantly registered for you.

How does that work? It’s very simple: log directly in on this page and use the clearly laid-out flight search. All you need are a couple of entries: departure airport, destination and the date you want to travel — and you will soon get an overview of all the possible flights. As soon as you book a flight, your ticket is registered. After the flight departs, the corresponding number of BenefitPoints is automatically credited to your BenefitPoints account in line with the terms and conditions of PartnerPlusBenefit. This is convenient because you save valuable time — planning a trip and earning points have never been so easy!

You shall receive a Welcome Bonus of 1000 BenefitPoints upon your first time log in and activate your PartnerPlusBenefit account.

Local award:

Possibility of converting BenefitPoints to cash payout i.e. 220 BenefitPoints = 1EUR
But the cash will only be paid in local currency. The exchange rate of EUR to local currency refer to the bank sell rate of the day . Lufthansa reserves the final interpretation right. Please visit the webpage BenefitPoint account --> Redeem BenefitPoints --> BenefitCredit for exact calculation. Minimum cash payout requires 115EUR (25300 Benefit points).

A new way of converting BenefitPoints now is available : "cash-for-ticket", every 150 points = 1EUR. This award is for ticket fare payment only, not for taxes or fees. “cash-for-ticket” amount can be partial or full payment of a Lufthansa/SWISS/Austrian ticket fare, it is redeemable only in connection with a confirmed booking which is made in Lufthansa Service Center and ready for ticket issuance. Taxes, fees and any fare balance necessary for the total payment of the ticket will be paid separately by the customer.
Minimum "cash-for-ticket" payout is 100EUR (15000 Benefit points).

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Benefit from our cooperation with the Lufthansa WorldShop.
Fly with Lufthansa and participating BenefitPartner airlines and use your BenefitPoints to order attractive merchandise awards online in the new PartnerPlusBenefit Worldshop.

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