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New: Online Request Form for FreeFlights and Upgrades

When booking your next PPB FreeFlight or Upgrade, try our new online Request Form, visible on the award subpages. Just remember to login first.

Note: the integrated Request Form is not an online booking engine. By clicking the Send-button, an email with details is generated and sent to the PPB Service Center. Based on this Request Form the PPB Service Center is able to perform an availability check and/or a final booking and inform the customer accordingly.

Taxes for PPB award tickets also payable with BenefitPoints

You have the option to pay taxes, fees and surcharges in connection with award tickets with BenefitPoints. This applies on flights with Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Germanwings or SWISS.

You still also have the option to pay taxes, fees and surcharges with a payment card/corporate travel account.

Please inform the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center which payment option you prefer at the time of reservation.

PartnerPlusBenefit: what's in it for your company

Whether your business relies on daily air travel or you only need to fly once a year - PartnerPlusBenefit membership is free of charge and cuts your company travel costs from the very first flight. Your company earns BenefitPoints when you or any of your colleagues fly with one of the 10 airlines in the programme. We offer you a huge worldwide network as we fly to close to 600 destinations worldwide. Please note that you and your colleagues gain double benefits by collecting BenefitPoints and personal Miles & More miles at the same time.

The BenefitPoints can be exchanged for the following BenefitAwards:

• Award Flights
• Upgrades
• Advanced Seat Reservation (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and United operated flights)
• Extra baggage (Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines operated flights)
• Online Shopping (in Lufthansa WorldShop)
• FlyNET (internet access on Lufthansa intercontinental flights)
• Lounge Passes (access to LH Business lounges, LH Senator lounges, LH Welcome lounge and United Club lounges)

Become a member now

Register your company for PartnerPlusBenefit now and enjoy the rewards of the world's largest travel reward programme for corporate customers. Your company will receive a welcome bonus of 1,000 BenefitPoints when registering for the programme. Register now

How to get the most out of PartnerPlusBenefit

With as many as 10 airlines participating in the programme we want you to be sure that your company earns BenefitPoints for all flown business trips. You have four different tracking methods in order to earn BenefitPoints and we recommend that you combine the methods whenever applicable. When you log on to your account, please check that you have selected your preferred method of tracking for all flight activities under 'BenefitPoints account'.

Payment card or corporate travel account tracking
If you purchase your flight tickets online or if you purchase your tickets through a travel agency, we recommend that you use this tracking method. You only need to register the card(s) or corporate account number(s) once in your profile under 'BenefitPoints account' -> 'Payment card'. Tickets paid with these cards or accounts will then automatically be tracked and your company will earn BenefitPoints. All PPB airlines support this tracking method, except for LOT.

Please note: register your payment card or corporate travel account in your PartnerPlusBenefit profile and receive a bonus of 1,000 BenefitPoints!
On top of this, your company will receive BenefitPoints for tickets flown within the last six months when payment cards/corporate travel accounts are inserted in the PartnerPlusBenefit profile.

Company ID/OSI tracking
If you purchase your tickets through a travel agency you can request a unique tracking code under 'BenefitPoints account' -> 'Company ID'. This code must be entered into your customer booking profile by your travel agent. If applicable, we recommend that you combine this tracking method with the payment card/corporate account tracking method mentioned above. All PPB airlines support this tracking method.

Enter flown ticket numbers online
If you are not using the tracking methods mentioned above, you always have the possibility to enter the ticket numbers directly into your account online. BenefitPoints for all eligible tickets will be credited to your account within eight to ten weeks after the flight. All PPB airlines support this tracking method.

PPB contract number when booking on or
If you book your flight tickets on or you now have the option to insert your contract number in the booking process and automatically earn BenefitPoints to your account. The contract number either starts with "DK" or "FI" for Scandinavian customers (for example DK1305151425447).

PartnerPlusBenefit Flight Search is easy and convenient when planning and booking a trip with Lufthansa, Austrian, Eurowings (incl. Germanwings) or SWISS. Login to PPB first, then use the Flight Search Tool under menu item Programme > Flight manager. As soon as you book a flight, your ticket is registered. After the flight departs, the BenefitPoints are automatically credited to your account in line with the terms and conditions. Remember to login first, then book the flight!

BenefitInfoLounge: keep up-to-date here

In the BenefitInfoLounge we keep you up-to-date about news and promotions that can benefit your company. Find out which flights earn you multiple points, where new routes have been introduced or new lounges have been opened.

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