Benefit credit

Have your points conveniently paid out with a BenefitCredit

Would you like to invest your accrued BenefitPoints specifically in your company? We are offering you the opportunity of having the monetary value of your points paid to you. Whether you want to finance your next corporate event or new office equipment – it's up to you.

Use the following calculator to find out the monetary value of the points total entered.

Special conditions:
    • No minimum number of BenefitPoints required for payout.
    • Processing time is approximately 6 weeks
    • 1.000 BenefitPoints correspond to 8,93 EUR.
The monetary value can be paid:
    • to one of your company's specified credit/payment cards
Note on accounting classification:
    • A BenefitCredit is not classed as a 'gift' but rather as an 'award'.
    • If you use the payout for business purposes, there is no taxable/financial benefit.
    • If you use the payout for private purposes of the company owner or employees, this will be treated as a taxable/financial benefit. The company itself is responsible for the accounting and payment of tax on this monetary benefit.
Your PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center will be happy to help you with any further questions on this topic.

Calculate amount of payout

In order to calculate the pay-out amount, please enter the requested amount of points and click on "Calculate".

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