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Participation in PartnerPlusBenefit saves our members worldwide millions of pounds every year. Whether your business relies on daily air travel or you only need to fly once a year – PartnerPlusBenefit membership is free and cuts your company travel cost from the very first flight. Your small or medium-sized company could be earning BenefitPoints whenever you or any of your colleagues fly with one of our 10 airlines to well over 500 destinations all around the world. BenefitPoints can be spent for flights, upgrades or a fast growing range of rewards. Every month hundreds of companies join. So why don't you enrol and enjoy the rewards of the world's largest travel rewards programme for companies.

New : Your Benefit Points can be used to reduce the CO2 emissions of your company's air travel

Carbon-offsetting through Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Convert your accrued Benefit points into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and reduce your company’s carbon emissions. Just tell us how many points you would like to convert into SAF, and we’ll do the rest.

Contributions above 180.000 Benefit Points are certified directly via Compensaid according to the Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol-standard by an external auditor and can be officially used to offset your eco-balance.

If you decide to redeem between 4.500 and 180.000 Benefit Points you will receive a digital certificate confirmed by the Lufthansa Group for your sustainable commitment. Find the process description here

Offset your CO2 emissions using the company BenefitPoints

Climate protection is of concern to all of us. With PartnerPlusBenefit you can now offset the CO2 emissions of your flights and make your company a Climate Supporter. Use your BenefitPoints and ensure more sustainability on your flights with our partner Compensaid. We will provide you with an official Compensaid Certificate and a ‘Climate Supporter’ badge to be shared via your social networks - motivating others to take part, too.

- send the request to not later than 3 working days before your flight departure from your home country to receive the offsetting certificate.
- offset amount is split between SAF purchase and climate protection projects according to the calculation by our partner Compensaid,
Click here to find out more about Compensaid.

Book on and earn points automatically

Earning BenefitPoints will get even easier: book your Lufthansa business trips on and enter your PartnerPlusBenefit contract number together with your passenger data. The respective BenefitPoints will then be credited to your company automatically.

Tickets booked on All Nippon Airways can now be tracked via Company ID!

The automatic capture of your company ID has now also been activated for flight bookings with ANA, Air Canada and United Airlines. In future, therefore, you will also be able to collect valuable BenefitPoints in your account for flights with all of these airline partners.

How to get the most out of PartnerPlusBenefit?

With ever more airlines participating we want you to be sure that you are earning all the BenefitPoints for your company's flights. When you log on to your account, please check that you have selected your preferred method of tracking for all flight activities under 'BenefitPoints account':

- Payment card or corporate card account
You only need to register the card(s) or corporate account number(s) once in your profile under 'BenefitPoints account' -> 'Payment card'. All tickets paid with these cards or accounts will then automatically be tracked in your PPB account regardless whether you purchase them from your travel agent or online. This will give you peace of mind and ensure that tickets with all PPB airlines will be accounted for.
- Enter flown ticket numbers online
If your ticket is not purchased with a card you can also enter the ticket numbers directly into your account online. BenefitPoints for all eligible tickets will be credited to your account within eight to eleven weeks after the flight.
- Company ID/ OSI tracking
You can request a unique tracking code under 'BenefitPoints account' -> 'Company ID'. This code can be entered into the booking profile by your nominated travel agent. The company ID can track all tickets issued and flown with all participating PartnerPlusBenefit carriers.

UK specific awards

Unfortunately due to the current coronavirus situation local awards had to be withdrawn with immediate effect. Please contact our PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre with any queries. Thank you for your understanding.

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