UK & IE Awards

Please note that an advance booking period of 48 working hours is required for all non-flight awards (Global Hotel Cards; Limousine transfer; Lynk Taxis; Heathrow Express; ClimateCare).

Global Hotel Cards
    With Global Hotel Card, powered by Expedia you can spend BenefitPoints in over 70,000 hotels around the world, from only 2,000 BenefitPoints. 
    Follow the link below for further information and order your eGiftcard from the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Centre.
    N.B. Please allow up to 5 working days to receive your vouchers.
Limousine transfer: Lynk Taxis - our preferred provider for airport transfers in Ireland
    Lynk Taxis operates the largest fleet of taxis and chauffeur driven corporate transfers in or around Dublin. Whether you want to hire just a quick taxi, a limousine with a uniformed driver or choose from the range of people carriers, mini buses and coaches - we can now make the booking for your company and accept your BenefitPoints as payment.
    Learn more about Lynk Taxis and click the link below to find out how many BenefitPoints you need for a transfer to and from Dublin airport. and link 'click here' to:
Heathrow Express - fast and hassle-free for as little as 500 BenefitPoints
    The high speed air-rail link between Heathrow Airport and Paddington complements the modes of transport you can book directly with us, spending your BenefitPoints. When you order Heathrow Express with PartnerPlusBenefit your travellers don't have to purchase tickets at their end. We make all the arrangements and send the ticket directly to your or the traveller's email. As a PPB member, your company can now also save 10% on all Heathrow Express ticket purchases for your colleagues.

    To take advantage of your exclusive PPB corporate discount with Heathrow Express, log in to your account under and go to the 'Special promotions' overview, where you can find the link to the dedicated booking site.
Carbon offsetting with ClimateCare:
    For your BenefitPoints we offer you three different carbon offset propositions:
    1) 3,000 BenefitPoints to offset 8.5t of CO² emissions - equates to turning off 35 desktop computers for a year.
    2) 25,000 BenefitPoints to offset 78.5t of CO² emissions - like taking 23 cars off the road for a year.
    3) 100,000 BenefitPoints to offset 314t of CO² emissions - equivalent to shutting down a 1,800m² air-conditioned office for a year.
    Your BenefitPoints will support a portfolio of projects carefully selected by ClimateCare to cut carbon emissions. Your company will receive a certificate and regular updates on the specific projects.

    To learn more about ClimateCare and the projects you could be supporting with your BenefitPoints click the link below.

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