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Make your business fly with PartnerPlusBenefit and pay with the AirPlus Company Account. A unique opportunity for you only!

Do you know AirPlus? A multinational company and leading developer and provider of payment solutions in the realm of business travel and analysis.
If you want to optimize the management of travel expenses, the AirPlus Company Account offers you a centralized payment, reporting and travel expense analysis solution (airline tickets, car rentals, hotels, etc.) based on the use of lodge cards held by your travel agency or directly at your company.

To find out more about AirPlus Company Account

Available exclusively to PartnerPlusBenefit members, AirPlus offers a unique opportunity.
Sign up for the AirPlus Company Account and select it as the payment method to purchase tickets from the airlines participating in the programme. Only for you:

1 year of AirPlus Travel Insurance free of charge

2 free Reports on Demand*

For further information call the AirPlus customer service at 051 4389 330 or write

*Terms and conditions valid until 31 December 2017. The complete rules of the initiative can be requested by writing to

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