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Whether it's durable luggage, the most up-to-date hi-tech gadgets or stylish office equipment – the Benefit WorldShop offers you a huge selection of awards. In addition you can make the most of exclusive offers, discounts and services (e.g. delivery to the airport).

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Do you have questions about ordering? Contact our Service Center Team:

By phone / By email: Monday to Friday, 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Indonesia: ppbindonesia@dlh.de
Malaysia: ppbmalaysia@dlh.de
Philippines: ppb.philippines@dlh.de
Singapore: ppb.singapore@dlh.de
/ ppb.thailand@dlh.de
Vietnam: +848 3 8279834
/ ppb.vietnam@dlh.de

Details on ordering and Airport Delivery:

    PartnerPlusBenefit shopping worldwide thanks to Airport Delivery

    So, your company’s not based in one of the countries to which we deliver? Not a problem! With our Airport Delivery Service, it’s easy to pick up your selected product on one of your business trips. We offer you two options (Shop Delivery / Gate Delivery), depending on whether you are departing or transferring at Frankfurt or Munich airport.

    Shop Delivery Service: You can use our Shop Delivery service if you are departing from Frankfurt or Munich airport. We will hold your order for you at your nearest Lufthansa WorldShop and you can collect it at your convenience.

    Gate Delivery Service: You can use our Gate Delivery service if you are transferring at Frankfurt or Munich airport. With the Gate Delivery service, our personnel will be there to hand you your orders at the departure gate of your flight.
    • Merchandise awards can be paid for exclusively with BenefitPoints.
    • Additional monetary payments or additional payments with Miles & More miles are not possible.
    • The BenefitPoints will be deducted from your points account automatically after ordering.
The right of return applies exclusively in the case of damaged goods.

You can find all the information about ordering awards, other conditions and contacts here.

Use your BenefitPoints for Climate Protection:

With PartnerPlusBenefit, you can now make your company a ‘Climate Supporter’ and offset the CO2-emissions of your flights.
Use your BenefitPoints and support climate protection via Compensaid, a platform that offers a portfolio of projects to offset carbon emissions in the long run.
Besides an official certificate from Compensaid, you will also receive the ‘Climate Supporter’ digital badge, given in recognition that you and your company, have taken important steps towards carbon offsetting.
Feel free to share this badge via your social networks – thus demonstrating your company’s efforts towards sustainability and motivating others to take part, too.

Click here to find out more about Compensaid.

For Singapore members:
For reference, a round trip from Singapore to Frankfurt would produce 1,416kg CO2 emissions.
With just 2,175 points, you will be able to offset 1,416kg CO2 emissions or approx. EUR29 worth of offsetting towards climate protection projects.

For Thailand members:
For reference, a round trip from Bangkok to Frankfurt would produce 1,190kg CO2 emissions.
With just 1,800 points, you will be able to offset 1,190kg CO2 emissions or approx. EUR24 worth of offsetting towards climate protection projects.

How to Redeem
Simply contact our service center team by email to Singapore: ppb.singapore@dlh.de or Thailand: ppb.thailand@dlh.de with the information below and we will send you a confirmation email, along with the certificate and digital badge, within 3 working days.
• Your PartnerPlusBenefit Company ID
• State that you wish to redeem your points for Climate Protection or State the redemption option you wish to redeem for
• Provide the Booking PNR of your company’s flight you are offsetting against (Please see ‘More Details’)

More Details
• Offset of carbon emissions using your Benefit Points can only be made against flights departing after 24 Jun 2021.
• For each flight booking, offset option is only redeemable once.
• Redeemed Benefit Points are non-refundable even if flight bookings are cancelled. The donation to Compensaid will be made in any case.
• Offset of carbon emissions can only be made for Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS operated flights.

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