VIP Services in Frankfurt Airport

More comfort at Frankfurt Airport: VIP services

Redeem your BenefitPoints to make the most of the numerous VIP services at Frankfurt Airport, for example welcoming passengers directly at the aircraft, reception at the gate, transfer to the VIP Lounge, access to the VIP Lounge, and completion of all formalities such as check-in, passport control and security. You, your colleagues or business partners can enjoy outstanding comfort – before departure, on arrival or even on a stopover.

Book your desired VIP service easily by emailing our Service Center Team.
By email:

Please include the following information:
    • Your PartnerPlusBenefit company name
    • Your contract number (TN…)
    • Name of passenger
    • Email address of passenger
    • Telephone or mobile number of passenger
    • Passenger's Miles & More status (if available)
    • Flight number and date
    • Booking reference / file key
    • Number of passengers (please note that extra costs may apply for additional passengers)
    • VIP service required
Advance booking periods:
    • In the case of VIP services, an advance booking period of 3 working days before departure applies.
    • Please note the opening times of the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center.
Booking confirmation and payment:
    • You will receive a booking confirmation by email, if the VIP service is available.
    • On booking successfully, the required BenefitPoints will be deducted from your account automatically.
Information on the VIP services:
    • VIP services can be booked in conjunction with all BenefitPartner Airlines.
    • The VIP service is issued in the name of the passenger and is not transferable.
    • VIP services are available in German and English.
    • Cancellations :  In case the passenger makes no use of the VIP Service, the BenefitPoints will not be refunded to the Account.
An offer provided by Fraport, our contract partner
    • The VIP services are offered by Fraport.
    • The services on offer may be altered at any time without specifying reasons.
    • Lufthansa is not responsible for these offers.
    • Please contact our PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center if you have any questions about the services offered on the day of departure.

Overview of the VIP Service
FRAPORT VIP Service 36,500
FRAPORT VIP Service includes:

For Departures
a) Arrival of cars at Gate 13, reservation of parking spaces following prior notification of exact number of cars.
b) Reception of guests and transfer to VIP lounge.
c) Stay in VIP lounge, on request with food from a restaurant (at additional cost).
d) Performance of all formalities such as check-in, baggage handling at/with the relevant airline, emigration and customs formalities.
e) Transfer of guests from the VIP lounge to the gate/plane.

For Arrivals
a) Welcoming of the arriving passengers right at the plane.
b) Transfer of guests to the VIP lounge at Gate 13. Handling of immigration formalities (presentation of passports to the border police). Our guests are required, if immigration formalities are required, to remain in the lounge until cleared by the border police.
c) After the baggage has arrived, transfer of it to the waiting cars by our baggage service.

For Transit Passengers
a) Welcoming of the arriving passengers right at the plane.
b) Handling of immigration/emigration formalities.
c) On request, catering for guests while they are in transit from a restaurant (at additional cost).
d) Handling of the formalities for the continuing flight with the relevant airline.
e) Transfer of guests from the VIP lounge to the gate/plane.

Points mentioned above are for 1 passenger. For each additional passenger on the same flight: 27,900 BenefitPoints.
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