Benefit FlyNet® Voucher

Go online easily on board: with the Benefit FlyNet® voucher

Use your time on board even more efficiently. Lufthansa FlyNet® ensures unlimited communication during your long-haul flight – so you can relax above the clouds while browsing online, answering emails, reading the latest news or accessing your company's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Just click 'Book' - you will receive your FlyNet® voucher worth 1,300 BenefitPoints by email immediately.

Your benefits:
    • Lufthansa FlyNet® is available worldwide on intercontinental flights (except in Chinese airspace).
    • You can enjoy fast, powerful online access in all travel classes via T-Mobile hotspots.
    • The voucher is suitable for all WLAN-enabled laptops, tablets or smartphones.
    • You can also access your company's Virtual Private Network (VPN).
    • The voucher is not specific to an individual – it can be used by any business traveller within your organisation.
Validity and duration:
    • You can use your Benefit FlyNet® voucher until 31 December 2019.
    • Every voucher can be activated on board at any time. It will then be valid for 24 hours – even if the traveller transfers and takes a Lufthansa connecting flight on an aircraft equipped with FlyNet®.
Cancellation and extension:
    • The voucher cannot be cancelled after booking.
    • Internet access cannot be extended by logging out and in again.
    • The Benefit FlyNet® voucher can only be paid for with BenefitPoints.
    • The points value per voucher is 1,300 BenefitPoints – these will be automatically deducted from your account.
    • Please order the FlyNet® vouchers individually. You cannot purchase multiple vouchers at the same time.

T-Mobile's general terms and conditions apply to the use of the hotspot.

You will find more information on how FlyNet® works and its availability here.

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