Air Dolomiti

The Italian airline Air Dolomiti is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group which, with more than 700 flights a week, connects the main Italian airports with Germany, Munich and Frankfurt in particular. Joerg Eberhart has been president and CEO of the company since 2014.

The fleet is currently composed of 14 Embraer195s, modern and dynamic 120-seat jets designed to operate on a short to medium flight range, offering maximum comfort on board. With them, the Company flies with multi-day frequencies to 14 Italian and 19 European destinations. The Company is connected with feeder routes that enhance the Hubs of the Parent Company and with own business routes operated in full autonomy; it is possible to reach Munich from Verona, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Bari, Pisa, Turin, Milan Malpensa and Graz (the latter two destinations operated jointly with Lufthansa) and Frankfurt from Verona, Turin, Florence and Linz (these two also operated in collaboration with Lufthansa).

Customer care and reliability have been the fundamental assets of the Company from the beginning. The tariff plan provides for the double segmentation between business and leisure tourism arranged according to five different rates, which allow travellers to choose the set of services best suited to their needs. On board, the catering service includes free high quality snacks and drinks for each passenger while, in Business Class, seats are always flanked by a free seat to allow more privacy and comfort.

Internally, human resources are of great importance. The Company currently has more than 700 employees, divided into ground and flight personnel.

In 2018, more than 2.3 million passengers flew with Air Dolomiti and this figure is increasing, in line with the numerous projects carried out in recent years with a view to growth, such as participation in IATA (Associazione Trasporto Aero Internazionale), the strengthening of the fleet and the creation of a Flight Academy designed to train the Company’s future pilots.

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