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For participation in PartnerPlusBenefit the following Terms and Conditions apply:
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1.  Participation
1.1.  Eligibility
Membership to the PartnerPlusBenefit (PPB) incentive program is open to:
(1) All companies registered and legally formed trade organizations and corporations, such as associations, chambers of commerce, churches or partnerships (doctors, architects, business consultants, engineers, dentists, accountants etc.). These entities are only eligible for participation with employed, but not contracted, personnel. Companies and organizations can be located worldwide, but tickets need to be purchased in France, Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands.
(2) Travel agents (and affiliates) or travel organizations are not authorized to join the PPB program.
(3) PPB reserves the right to exclude companies and corporations from membership and/or offer them an alternative that better meets the needs of their business, if appropriate.
Terms & Conditions
1.2.  Commencement of Membership
Eligible parties may only participate in the program after full registration for participation on partnerplusbenefit.com. The registering company, represented by the authorized contact person, declares that all information provided during the registration process (company name, contact name, trade register number - if available - street and number as well as postal code and town) are true and complete. The respective person signing up on behalf of the company furthermore declares that she or he is entitled and authorized to sign and represent the above mentioned company in context of this program. By registering the company for the PPB program, the contact person confirms that the Terms and Conditions applicable to the PPB program have been read, understood and accepted.

The company moreover confirms that the binding criteria for participation mentioned under the point 1.1 of the terms and conditions is met and that the company is among those, eligible to participate in the program. In case the company does not meet the required criteria, an appropriate legal basis for pursuing the registration process and to conclude a contract with the PPB program is not given. With its registration, the above mentioned company declares as legally binding that neither the company itself nor one of its affiliated companies (especially a majority shareholder company) are already participating in other corporate promotion programs or incentive models offered by Lufthansa German Airlines (Lufthansa) in the respective market. Furthermore, the above mentioned company declares as legally binding that the nominated credit card for point crediting and for debits of taxes and fees for BenefitFlights is subject to Lufhansa unrestricted right of disposal and free from rights of third parties. At all times, the company has to ensure that fraud of any kind is conscientiously prevented. For the purpose of preventing such fraud, the company guarantees that no unauthorized third party has access to the company’s PPB account (respectively unauthorized access to user name, password and PIN).
Lufthansa German Airlines explicitly reserves the right to verify all necessary information provided by the company. The positive result of the verification of the above required criteria represents a mandatory precondition regarding the effective conclusion of the contract to participate in the PPB program. Even if the company meets all necessary requirements, the final approval by Lufthansa German Airlines is to be considered as the mandatory and decisive prerequisite for the contract. There is no legal entitlement to participate in the program.

After registering via the Internet, a BenefitPoint account will be set up for the member; the BenefitPoints collected by all the member's employees will be credited to this account. The registration date will automatically be set to the first day of the current month. After successful registration, the member will receive an e-mail confirming registration and an initial password to log into the BenefitPoint account.
The contract concerning participation in the PartnerPlusBenefit corporate bonus program will come into effect once the party is successfully registered, the provided registration details regarding information on the company as well as on the contact person have been verified and approved by Lufthansa German Airlines, and once the company has successfully logged into the BenefitPoint account on www.partnerplusbenefit.com for the first time. Once all these requirements are fulfilled, the party can start to collect BenefitPoints.

An already registered member can introduce a new member by providing the PPB Service Center with the company’s details. This can be done via page “Programme” in the online account. Provided that the new member is not registered for PPB already nor already in contact with PPB.
The registered member will receive 1.000 bonus BenefitPoints for each new PPB registration introduced by them. This bonus offer is limited to 10 successful PPB registrations.
Terms & Conditions
1.3.  Resignation of membership
If you would like to terminate your membership from the PPB incentive program, please inform your PPB Helpdesk at:
- ppbfrance@dlh.de for France,
- PartnerPlusBenefit.belu@dlh.de for Belgium and Luxembourg,
- partnerplusbenefit.nl@dlh.de for the Netherlands
Upon termination of your PPB contract, all accrued BenefitPoints will expire after 6 months according to point 5 of the terms and conditions. Later, the user name may not be used again for a new registration in PPB incentive program.
If a member has not logged into the BenefitPoints account on partnerplusbenefit.com 12 months after registration and receipt of the password, the member's BenefitPoints account will be deleted. The member will receive an e-mail to the registered e-mail address before the account is deleted. Participation will not be cancelled by Lufthansa if, within 4 weeks after receiving the notification the member activates the account by logging in on partnerplusbenefit.com.
Terms & Conditions

2.  BenefitPoints
2.1.  General
The basic units of accounting in the PPB program are the BenefitPoints. The BenefitPoints are credited on the company's PartnerPlusBenefit account. BenefitPoints can be used solely for business purposes. The PPB airlines partners reserve the right to verify this condition. Bonus points or Miles from other programmes cannot be exchanged for, or combined with BenefitPoints and vice versa. The PPB account and BenefitPoints credits are not transferable to third parties.
Terms & Conditions
2.2.  Account Statement
The current balance of the PPB account can be accessed with a personal user name and password on the PPB website page of the program. If the page is not accessed for three months, a reminder will be sent to the member by e-mail.
Terms & Conditions
2.3.  BenefitPoints Accrual
The accrual of BenefitPoints is only possible after a first log-in as a member on his / her PPB’s account on partnerplusbenefit.com
Terms & Conditions
2.3.1.  Flights with the PartnerPlusBenefit airlines partners
BenefitPoints can be accrued exclusively on flights which are operated by the PPB airlines partners. Tickets have to be purchased in in France, Belgium, Luxembourg or in the Netherlands.
The airlines partners of the PPB programme are Air Canada, Air China, All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings (incl. Germanwings), LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and United Airlines.
The number of BenefitPoints credited per route depends on the class of transportation and is determined by the PPB airlines partners. The number of possible BenefitPoints per route and class, as well as the booking classes which qualify for BenefitPoints accrual, can be found on the PPB website program at "BenefitPoints account / Points collection list".

On Eurowings (inkl. Germanwings) flights, BenefitPoints can be collected if the ticket has been booked via a central reservation system (e.g. via travel agency, Lufthansa Service Center or Ticket Counter) in France, Belgium, Luxembourg or in the Netherlands on a Lufthansa Group document (220, 257, 082, 724 ticket stock) or Air Canada document (014 ticket stock) or United Airlines document (016 ticket stock). BenefitPoints can also be collected on all flights booked and issued via eurowings.com if the PartnerPlusBenefit contract number has been entered during the booking process. Due to technical reasons all other tickets which are booked and issued in a different way cannot be incentivised.

Lufthansa reserves the right to amend these amounts and conditions at any time. Any alterations or amendments to the terms and conditions will be published on PPB website (see point 4.5).
Booking class W on All Nippon Airways flights and Japan domestic flights are excluded from the accrual of BenefitPoints. Exclusion of BenefitPoints Credits also applies for all Brussels Airlines "Check and Go" fares.
BenefitPoints can be accrued on flights for business purposes only. The PPB airlines partners reserve the right to demand verification.
BenefitPoints can currently be collected in the following booking classes:
First Class Business Class Business Discounted Economy Premium Economy Class Economy Discounted Economy Promo
Lufthansa / LH A, F C, J D, P, Z E, G, N B, M, Y H, Q, U, V, W K, L, S, T
Air Canada / AC C, J D, P, Z A, E, O B, M, Y G, H, Q, U, V, W K, L, S, T
Air China / CA A, F C, J D, R, Z E, G B, M, Y H, Q, U, V, W L, S, T
Air Dolomiti / EN C, J D, P, Z B, M, Y H, Q, U, V, W K, L, S, T
All Nippon Airways / NH A, F C, J D, P, Z E, G B, M, Y H, Q, U, V
Austrian Airlines / OS C, J D, P, Z E, G, N B, M, Y H, Q, U, V, W K, L, S, T
Brussels Airlines / SN C, J D, P, Z E, G, N B, M, Y H, Q, U, V, W K, L, S, T
Eurowings / EW J D E, N B, I, Y H, M G, K, L, Q, S, T, W, X
LOT Polish Airlines / LO C D, Z A, P B, M, Y E, H, K, Q, T L, S, V, W
Swiss International Air Lines / LX A, F C, J D, P, Z E, G, N B, M, Y H, Q, U, V, W K, L, S, T
United Airlines / UA C, J D, P, Z A, O, R B, M, Y H, Q, U, V, W K, L, S, T
Terms & Conditions
2.3.2.  PPB Special Promotions
The PPB airlines partners can award additional BenefitPoints for PPB Special Promotions. Members can view these offers on the PPB website under "BenefitPoints account/Special Promotions". The PPB airlines partners reserve the right to specify the duration and termination of special promotions at their own discretion.
Terms & Conditions
2.3.3.  Exclusion of BenefitPoints Credits
No BenefitPoints shall be credited for airline services at Industry Discount tariffs (ID, IP, AD, GE, UD, DG, SC, PEPs etc.) and certain promotional and group tariffs, awards, free flights, and services for which the member receives benefits as part of other bonus programs. BenefitPoints credits may be excluded for certain flights (see point 2.3.1). Booking class W on All Nippon Airways flights and Japan domestic flights will be excluded from the accrual of BenefitPoints. Exclusion of BenefitPoints accrual also applies for all Brussels Airlines "Check and Go " fares.
BenefitPoints cannot be collected in the following booking classes and routes:
No points collectable on booking classes No points collectable on routes
Lufthansa / LH I, O, R, X
Air Canada / AC F, I, N, R, X
Air China / CA I, K, N, O, P, X CN - CN
Air Dolomiti / EN A, E, F, G, I, N, O, R, X
All Nippon Airways / NH I, K, L, N, O, R, S, T, W, X JP - JP
Austrian Airlines / OS A, F, I, O, R, X
Brussels Airlines / SN A, F, I, O, R, X
Eurowings / EW A, C, F, O, P, R, U, V, Z
LOT Polish Airlines / LO F, G, I, J, N, O, R, U, X
Swiss International Air Lines / LX I, O, R, X
United Airlines / UA E, F, G, I, N, X US - US
Terms & Conditions
2.3.4.  Tracking of Flown Routes
BenefitPoints will be automatically credited to the PPB account only when flown segments were paid by a credit card which is registered as form of payment for the PPB program according to point 2.3.1 (except for LOT Polish Airlines flights). Credit-/payment card numbers are stored and used exclusively for the purpose of capturing flights to credit BenefitPoints. It is mandatory that members enter their relevant credit card number(s) on the page "BenefitPoints account"/"Credit card" of the PPB program. Credit card numbers may be entered in the PPB program up to a maximum of 6 months after the date of the flight. Members are responsible for updating credit card information in PPB whenever changes occur.
BenefitPoints can also be automatically credited to the PPB Account when flown on Air Canada, Air Dolomiti, All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa, SWISS or United Airlines and bought in a travel agency. In this case, companies have to ask PPB for a tracking code on page "company ID" and transfer it to their travel agency. PPB cannot be considered as responsible if the "company ID" (OSI element) is missing or wrong in the bookings.

On LOT Polish Airlines flights, BenefitPoints can only be collected if the customers enters the ticket number manually via the ticket entry function.
If a flight document is issued by an airline which does not belong to the PPB airlines partners, the coupon flown on a PPB airline partner must be tracked manually via the section "Ticket data / Entry of ticket numbers". If no credit cards have been registered in PPB or if no tracking code has been requested, the flight data has to be entered manually in PPB. Please click on the menu item "Ticket data / Entry of ticket numbers" to enter your ticket numbers there.
BenefitPoints for flights which were not automatically tracked can be retroactively accrued by entering the ticket number(s) on the page "Ticket number entry" no longer than 12 months after the date of the flight. The credit of BenefitPoints onto the member's account will follow approximately 10-12 weeks after the automatic or manual tracking on the relevant program page.
The BenefitPoints can be retroactively accrued only if the company was a member of the PPB program at the date of travel.
Terms & Conditions

3.  Redemption of BenefitPoints
3.1.  General
BenefitPoints can be redeemed for awards as soon as the PPB account has accrued the required credit. Award offers and the required number of BenefitPoints for redeeming the award can be found on the program page "BenefitPoints account / Redeem BenefitPoints". Members are free to have awards issued for any nominated person of their own choice as long as this is about a business relation (employees or company’s guests). In this context, members are reminded to do all that they reasonably can to protect their user name and keep their password and PIN secret.
BenefitPoints may be exchanged for Worldshop Awards, Cash, BenefitFlights, BenefitExcessBag vouchers, Upgrades or for Sixt vouchers (special award) on flights, even if that originate outside of the SME's country of registration (can also be done on open-jaw basis).
The BenefitPoints collected via bonus such as the welcome bonus, sponsorship bonus or other bonus granted under exceptional circumstances, can be exchanged against awards only if the PPB account collects points via BenefitPoints accrual.
Terms & Conditions
3.1.1.  BenefitFlights
BenefitFlights can be ordered - depending on their availability - for scheduled flights which are operated by Air Canada, Air Dolomiti, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS and United Airlines. The corresponding number of BenefitPoints will be deducted for the BenefitFlight from your PPB account when the award ticket is booked. A ticket service charge of 10 EUR applies. Codeshare flights cannot be booked using BenefitPoints.
The airport taxes, the fees and the international surcharge must be paid by credit card when ticket is booked.
On European and international flights operated and marketed by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Air Dolomiti, SWISS, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings taxes, fees and surcharges can also be paid by redeeming BenefitPoints.
You can book your BenefitFlight up to 365 days prior to your requested departure date but not later than 3 business days before departure (weekends and bank holidays excluded). The booking request has to be made during the opening hours of the PPB Service Center (Please see page "Contact").
BenefitPoints have to be spent on a flight segment basis.

On SWISS, Benefitflights in First Class are only available for Miles and More-members with HON or SEN-status.

The tickets issued are not transferable to third parties.
Booking changes and cancellations:

Alterations and cancellations can be done up to 1 working day (Mo-Fr) before departure of the requested flight. The requests of changes and cancellations have to be done via the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center during their opening hours. The first alteration of a BenefitFlight is free of charge. For any additional alteration, a fee of 50 EUR or 2.350 BenefitPoints applies (2.000 points or 43 EUR for domestic flight within Germany) and will be deducted from the member's account.
In case of cancellation, the ticket service charge of 10 EUR and the airport taxes are refundable. The BenefitPoints of the cancelled BenefitFlight which have already been deducted will be re-credited to the member's PPB account with cancellation fees (50 EUR or 2.350 BenefitPoints / 43 EUR or 2.000 BenefitPoints for domestic flight within Germany). The re-credited BenefitPoints will retain their original expiry date. If a BenefitFlight is not cancelled within the specified time-limit, it will not be possible to change the booking and BenefitPoints cannot be credited. Only the airport taxes and service fees will be refunded.

Furthermore, the general conditions of transportation of the PPB airlines partners apply.
Booking class
First Class
Booking class
Business Class
Booking class Premium Economy Booking class
Economy Class
Lufthansa / LH O I R X
Air Canada / AC I X
Air China / CA O I X
Air Dolomiti / EN I X
All Nippon Airways / NH O I X
Austrian Airlines / OS I R X
Brussels Airlines / SN I R X
Eurowings / EW P U
LOT Polish Airlines / LO I X
Swiss International Air Lines / LX O I R X
United Airlines / UA I X
Benefit FreeFlights are not permited on Air China operated flights within the China domestic routes.
Terms & Conditions
3.1.2.  BenefitUpgrades
BenefitPoints can also be used for Upgrades from Economy Class to Premium Economy Class, from Premium Economy Class to Business Class and from Business Class to First Class. Upgrades can only be issued for Economy Class, Premium Economy Class or Business Class tickets purchased in France, Belgium, Luxembourg or in the Netherlands, booked in booking classes which are entitled for Upgrades. Booking classes eligible for upgrades as well as routings which are excluded from upgrades per airline are provided at:
BenefitPoints > Redeem points > Upgrades > Booking classes overview

Upgrades can be done only if all segments of flight have been confirmed. The original ticket must have been issued by the operating airline. The flight number must be the one of the operating airline. Flights booked with a codeshare cannot be upgraded. Upgrades are always valid for one flight segment only. Upgrades on domestic flights are possible only when combined with an Upgrade on intercontinental flights. The required BenefitPoints for a domestic upgrade are already included in the BenefitPoints used for an intercontinental Upgrade. Upgrades can only be requested for flights operated by the PPB airlines partners. Upgrade bookings, alterations and cancellations of the upgrades can only be done - depending on the availability - by the PPB Service Center and have to be ordered at least 1 working day before departure of Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines flights, and at least 3 working days prior to departure for all other airline partners' flights (see page "Contact") . In case of cancellation, the availability of the original flight and the original booking class can't be guaranteed anymore and BenefitPoints will not be recredited. You can book your Upgrade up to 365 days prior to your requested departure date.
BenefitUpgrades for flights within the United States or Japan are not possible. The required BenefitPoints are deducted from the PPB account when booking the BenefitUpgrade. For upgrades into Business Class or First Class, tariff conditions for Business Class or First Class apply, e.g. minimum stay, baggage allowances, check-in deadlines, lounge invitation, etc.
Upgrades with the PPB Partner airlines can be booked in the following booking classes:
Booking class
Upgrades to
First Class
Booking class
Upgrades to
Business Class
Booking class
Upgrades to
Premium Economy Class
Lufthansa / LH O I R
Air Canada / AC I N
Air China / CA O I
Air Dolomiti / EN I
All Nippon Airways / NH O I
Austrian Airlines / OS I R
Brussels Airlines / SN I R
LOT Polish Airlines / LO I
Swiss International Air Lines / LX A I R
United Airlines / UA I NR
Terms & Conditions
3.1.3.  WorldShop Awards
BenefitPoints may be exchanged for WorldShops awards (see "Redeem BenefitPoints").
Terms & Conditions
3.1.4.  BenefitExcessBag vouchers
BenefitExcessBag vouchers can be used to upgrade the maximum weight of the free baggage allowance or for payment of an additional piece of baggage beyond the free baggage allowance (not applicable if Light fare within EU is purchased).
BenefitExcessBag vouchers can only be booked via the PartherPlusBenefit Service Center during the opening hours, and at least 1 working day before departure.
BenefitExcessBaggage can be requested for flights operated by Lufthansa with a Lufthansa flight number as well as flights operated by Austrian Airlines with an Austrian Airlines flight number, Swiss flights operated with Swiss flight number and Brussels Airlines flights operated with Brussels Airlines flight number, from point of origin to final destination. Flight confirmation is mandatory. The required BenefitPoints will be deducted when booking the BenefitExcessBag voucher.
With PPB, bookings of BenefitExcessBag vouchers can be changed one first time for free and a second time for 50 EUR, at least 1 working day before departure. In the event of a cancellation of excess baggage, the BenefitPoints are non-refundable.
In addition, the maximum weight is limited to 32 kg per piece of baggage.
Details are available at the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center.
Terms & Conditions
3.1.5.  Lounge pass
Lounge passes have to be ordered at least one working day before departure.
Terms & Conditions
3.1.6.  Seat reservation
BenefitPoints can also be used to book a BenefitSeatReservation in Economy and Premium Economy Class on all flights operated by Lufthansa with Lufthansa flight number and Austrian Airlines with Austrian Airlines flight number, Swiss flights operated with Swiss flight number and Brussels Airlines flights operated with Brussels Airlines flight number - dependent on the chosen fare / the chosen booking.

BenefitSeatreservations are only applicable on confirmed bookings (no waiting list bookings). Advance booking period is not later than 5 working days (Mo – Fr) before departure (during the opening hours of the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center).

BenefitSeatreservations can be made for standard seats (e.g. window or aisle seat) or for seats with more legroom. Please note that a confirmed seat reservation does not give you a legal claim to a certain seat, but only shows the selected category, e.g. aisle or window seat or seat with more legroom.

Seats with more legroom are distinguished by offering at least 10 cm (4") extra legroom. A number of these seats are located in the emergency exit rows for which apply special conditions:
• You are at least 16 years old.
• You are in a position to perform the required duties without the assistance of a flight attendant, parent or other relative.
• You are willing to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency.
• You are able to read and understand instructions, and comply with crew instructions in the event of an emergency.
• You are not travelling with someone who will be dependent on your assistance in an emergency.
• You do not have a condition or responsibility that might restrict your ability to perform these duties or could lead you to suffer physical injury or harm in the performance of these duties.
• You speak good German or English.
• You are not travelling with a pet in the cabin.

For safety reasons, a Partner Airline is entitled to allocate another seat before departure to passengers who cannot satisfy these requirements.

If you have redeemed BenefitPoints for the seat reservation on the flight that you wish to change, please contact the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center to try to book you an equivalent seat on your new flight. Please note that BenefitPoints already redeemed for seat reservations cannot be refunded if there are no seats or no equivalent seats available for reservation on the changed flight.

Should you wish to cancel your journey, contact the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center to refund the redeemed BenefitPoints according to the standard terms and conditions where applicable.

Seat reservations that have already been paid with BenefitPoints for are refundable in the following cases:
• A schedule change by a Partner Airline, e.g. a change to the aircraft type deployed, means that no equivalent seat can be made available to you on the new flight.
• A disruption to your flight means that you must be rebooked on another flight on which no equivalent seat is available for you.

BenefitPoints which have already been deducted will be re-credited to the Member's BenefitPoint account. The original expiry date as specified in Section 3.5 will be restored for the re-credited BenefitPoints.

Paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded if:
• You cancel your flight and your ticket is non-refundable.
• You receive an upgrade from a Partner Airline for operational reasons or as a gesture of goodwill.
• You change your seat, but the new seat is cheaper than the one you originally booked or is free of charge.
• You do not meet the above-listed conditions for a seat in an emergency exit row.
• You rebook your flight, but there are no longer equivalent seats available on the new flight, seat reservations on the new flight are free of charge or this flight is not operated by a Partner Airline.
• You change your flight and in the process change the routing.
United Airlines : Economy Plus seat reservation is possible on all United Airlines or United Express operated flights with a United or codeshare flight number.
Economy Plus reservations are not eligiable for the Light Fare such as booking classes L, G or T.
Terms & Conditions
3.1.7.  Other awards
Other awards, their conditions and further possible use of BenefitPoints will be published separately in the PPB communications and/or can be found on partnerplusbenefit.com under "BenefitPoint account / Benefit Special awards". Furthermore, all conditions of the special awards apply, which are communicated in the category "Benefit Special Award".
Terms & Conditions
3.2.  Award Documents
The member will receive a confirmation e-mail in his/her mailbox for all award bookings. While the BenefitFlight or Upgrade is being issued, the member may request a proof receipt which mentions the name of the passenger, the route as well as the airport taxes and the international surcharge paid. In the event of abuse or misuse, the PPB airline(s) partner(s) reserve(s) the right to cancel the issued award document. Stolen or lost documents cannot be replaced or redeemed, if found at a later date.
Terms & Conditions

4.  Expiry of BenefitPoints
BenefitPoints are valid for 36 months from the date of credit of the BenefitPoints to the member's PPB account. After this period, BenefitPoints will expire. In the PPB website, the account balance separately states the member's BenefitPoints due to expire and the effective dates.
Terms & Conditions

5.  Termination
5.1.  General
Both parties may at any time, without notice and without stating reasons, terminate the agreement. The terms and conditions shall continue to govern the conclusion of the contractual relationship after the termination.
Terms & Conditions
5.2.  Validity of BenefitPoints after termination
If the member terminates the agreement, according to point 5 of the terms and conditions, all BenefitPoints shall expire 6 months after the cancellation. In case of transferring PPB to another Corporate Bonus Programme of one of the PPB airlines partners, all BenefitPoints will remain valid for a maximum of 6 months after entry into the new bonus program. If the airlines partners terminate the agreement, all BenefitPoints will expire 6 months after the receipt of the notice of resignation.
If the member violates the membership Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Transportation or the Award Regulations, for instance by providing false information about the company or the registered credit card, BenefitPoints will expire immediately upon receipt of the termination request from the airlines partners. This will also apply if the member is in breach of any other agreement with the other PPB airlines partners.
Terms & Conditions
5.3.  Program Termination
The PPB incentive program is a voluntary service of the PPB airlines partners. From the commencement of participation in PPB for a certain period, no claim can be derived to be re-admitted at a later time.
The PPB airlines partners reserve the right to terminate the PPB program at any time or to replace it with another programme at its discretion. Information about the termination or alteration of the program will be given via the homepage. Subject to special provisions in the replacement program, both such instances shall be equivalent to a cancellation by the PPB airlines partners.
Terms & Conditions

6.  Others
6.1.  Taxes, Fees
All taxes (e.g. airport taxes), fees (e.g. security fees), levies or other surcharges associated with the issuance or use of an award (e.g.BenefitFlights) are to be borne by the participating company and charged to a credit card. However, taxes and fees for international flights, operated and marketd by Lufthansa, can also be paid by redeeming BenefitPoints. The required amount of BenefitPoints will be calculated by the PartnerPlus Benefit Service Center based on a fixed point value and the respective route individually for each flight.
In case of a (partial) refund, the respective taxes and fees will also be refunded in the same form of payment that was used, i.e. if used BenefitPoints, then the equivalent amount shall be re-credited to the account.
Terms & Conditions
6.2.  Liability
The PPB airlines partners accept no liability for any damages incurred by members or third parties in connection with the PPB program, unless caused intentionally or by gross negligence of the PPB airlines partners or their employees.
Terms & Conditions
6.3.  Data Protection
Personal and company data relating to participation in the program will be processed and used for purposes serving program implementation in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. This includes the data transfer to the PPB airlines partners affiliated businesses and other third parties. The Member guarantees that all data protection requirements provided by law, relating to the processing of employee’s personal data for the purpose of participating in PartnerPlusBenefit, through Lufthansa, are complied with. The Member also guarantees that its employees have been made aware of these Terms and Conditions, to the extent that they agree to the collection, processing and transmission of their personal data for the booking and fulfilment of PartnerPlusBenefit Awards by Program-Partners. Further details can be found on www.partnerplulsbenefit.com in the section "Data Protection" in our declaration on data protection.
Terms & Conditions
6.4.  Loss of User Name and Password
Loss of the user name, password or release to third parties must be immediately reported to the PPB Service Center under the following telephone numbers:
- +33(0)892 231 686 for France
- +32(0)2 620 00 72 for Belgium and Luxembourg
- +31(0)20 721 89 08 for the Netherlands
Terms & Conditions
6.5.  Alterations and Amendments
The PPB airlines partners reserve the right to alter or amend at any time the membership Terms and Conditions, the awards, the required amount of BenefitPoints for each award or other procedures described in the PPB program documents.
Any alterations or amendments to the Terms and Conditions will be published on the PPB program pages. They shall be considered approved if the member continues to use the automatic tracking of his/her flight movements by means of the registered credit cards or the manual tracking on the PPB website pages of the program, or if no written protest is registered within one month and sent to the PPB Service Center. Special mention of the consequences of such non-protest shall be made in the notification. If a member rejects the program changes, membership may be terminated pursuant to point 3.1 of the Terms and Conditions.
Terms & Conditions
6.6.  Rights of Third Parties
Rights of this agreement are not transferable to third parties.
Terms & Conditions
6.7.  Law, Court of Jurisdiction
German laws apply for the present Terms and Conditions. The courts at Frankfurt am Main shall have jurisdiction over any claims arising from the PPB incentive program.
Terms & Conditions
6.8.  Severability Clause
In the event that any provisions of the above arrangements are legally invalid either wholly or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The parties hereto undertake to replace any invalid, incomplete or missing provision with a provision that customarily approximates as closely as possible to the commercial intentions of the parties.
Terms & Conditions
6.9.  Travel Policy
The member shall inform all travel related personnel (travelers, travel bookers, management and nominated travel agent(s)) of the existence of this agreement and the preferred carrier/alliance status implied.
Terms & Conditions
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