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PartnerPlusBenefit - the incentive program for SME´s powered by Lufthansa offers you various advantages. On the web page you are able to find more information about the benefits for your company.

New award: access to Lufthansa lounges

You have one more award to choose from: the Lounge Pass where you can redeem BenefitPoints for access to Lufthansa lounges.
Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the lounges before, in between or after your flight. You can choose between three different lounges: Lufthansa Business Lounge, Lufthansa Senator Lounge or Lufthansa Welcome Lounge. For additional information, please go to 'BenefitPoint Account' > 'Redeem BenefitPoints' > 'Lounge Voucher'.
Please contact the PartnerPlusBenefit Service center to book your Lounge Pass.

Please note that you still have to visit this website ( in order to enter your PPB account.

Once you have registered your company, you can manage your Star account by yourself and redeem your BenefitPoints for excellent awards.

Now planning a trip on is even more convenient: when you book online your airline tickets are also instantly registered for you.

How does that work? It’s very simple: log directly in on this page and use the clearly laid-out flight search. All you need are a couple of entries: departure airport, destination and the date you want to travel — and you will soon get an overview of all the possible flights. As soon as you book a flight, your ticket is registered. After the flight departs, the corresponding number of BenefitPoints is automatically credited to your BenefitPoints account in line with the terms and conditions of PartnerPlusBenefit. This is convenient because you save valuable time — planning a trip and earning points have never been so easy!

Try out the flight search with its new functionality now!

New Award: Benefit FlyNet® Voucher

Lufthansa FlyNet® offers internet access on more than 90% of all Lufthansa long-haul aircrafts, the world’s first broadband Internet service on board. With today’s satelite coverage FlyNet® is worldwide available (excl. China) . You will have access to FlyNet® within all product classes on board for all wireless devices like laptops, tablets or smartphones. You can also access your companies Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Please find all details regarding function and availability under “Redeem Benefit Points/ Benefit FlyNet® Voucher. You can redeem your FlyNet® Voucher easily online and it will be send directly to you by e-Mail.

Welcome Points

Enroll your company now and you will receive 1000 welcome points.
If you enter your credit card(s) in PartnerPlusBenefit for the automatic tracking of your flight activities, we will credit your account with a one-time amount of 500 BenefitPoints for the first credit card entry.

Order your WorldShop awards with PartnerPlusBenefit online!

Benefit from our cooperation with the Lufthansa WorldShop and order now online even lower priced, attractive and updated merchandise awards for your BenefitPoints.

Click here to view our assortment

BenefitInfoLounge: keep up-to-date here

In the BenefitInfoLounge we keep you up-to-date about news and promotions that can benefit your company. Find out which flights earn you multiple points, where new routes have been introduced or new lounges have been opened.

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