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Knowledge is power – and it's fun too. Turn your BenefitPoints into the latest expert knowledge and valuable news for yourself, your employees or your clients.

In the BenefitMagazineKiosk, we are offering you – in cooperation with our partner Connectare – a large selection of magazines, daily newspapers and weekly newspapers on many subjects: travel & culture, business & finance, computers & technology, and politics & society.

To the BenefitMagazineKiosk

Just log in with your PartnerPlusBenefit participant data, select your subscription and pay with BenefitPoints.

Details on ordering and delivery:
    • You can choose between yearly, half-yearly and mini subscriptions.
    Delivery only possible to an address in Germany
    • After placing your order, you will receive a booking confirmation via email.
    After receipt of your order, you will receive the first edition:
    - after approx. 4 weeks for weekly publications
    - after approx. 6 weeks for fortnightly publications
    - after approx. 8 weeks for monthly publications
    • The awards from the BenefitMagazineKiosk can only be purchased with BenefitPoints.
    Cash payment is not available.
    • After ordering the award, the BenefitPoints will be automatically deducted from your points account.
Returns are only accepted for damaged goods.

You will find further information about ordering awards and other stipulations here.

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