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The BenefitAward with drive: Sixt vouchers

Do you drive a lot on business? Or would you like to be mobile when you reach your destination? If so, why not redeem your BenefitPoints for one or several Sixt vouchers. Whether it's an affordable rental car, a luxurious convertible or a van – you can make the most of Sixt's extensive international fleet of vehicles.

Order direct here:
Select your desired Sixt voucher to the value of 50 euros, 100 euros, 150 euros, 200 euros or 250 euros.

    • In the first instance you will receive an order confirmation by email.
    • The Sixt voucher will be sent to you by email – within approx. 3–5 working days.
    • Sixt vouchers can be paid for exclusively with BenefitPoints.
    • When redeeming vouchers, an additional payment is only possible by credit card.
    Sixt vouchers are issued in EUR. For redemption in Switzerland, the voucher value is converted at the corresponding exchange rate.
    • After ordering the Sixt voucher, the BenefitPoints will be deducted from your points account automatically.
    • After booking, the voucher can no longer be cancelled.
    • The voucher is valid for one year from date of issue.
    • After the expiry date the voucher is invalid and the value of the voucher will not be refunded.
    • The voucher is only valid for use with the company named on the voucher.
How to redeem the voucher:
    • The redemption of vouchers is only possible online. The voucher value will be deducted directly from your rent.
    • You can rent a vehicle directly online here. A reservation must be made before arrival at a Sixt office.
    Country Link to car rental
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    • A maximum of one voucher can be redeemed per rental.
    • The voucher cannot be used in connection with a Sixt prepaid offer.
    • The voucher can be redeemed for any vehicle category of your choice and for any Sixt car rent in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Spain (Mallorca, Ibiza, mainland), Switzerland and the USA. This means that it is not possible to redeem the Sixt Voucher in Slovakia.
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