It's easy to book additional heavy bags: BenefitExcessBaggage

Whether it's catalogues or brochures, photographic or exhibition material for trade fairs – you can take everything conveniently on your Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussles Airlines or SWISS flight. Use your BenefitPoints to increase your free baggage.

Simply book your desired excess baggage allowance with our Service Center Team

How many points do you need for your excess baggage?
    • In the following table you can find an overview of all flight routes and possible excess baggage allowances.
Excess baggage can be booked on the following flights:
    • on all flights operated by Lufthansa with a Lufthansa flight number as well as flights operated by Austrian Airlines with an Austrian Airlines flight number, Swiss flights operated with Swiss flight number and Brussels Airlines flights operated with Brussels Airlines flight number.

Special conditions:
    • If you transfer across national borders with excess baggage (e.g. Frankfurt - Vienna - New York), the relevant number of BenefitPoints for each pair of countries applies.
    • Excess baggage cannot be booked on all journeys from/to Japan.
    • Excess baggage cannot be booked with the Light Fare.
    • Excess baggage can only be booked with a confirmed reservation.
    • Excess baggage for waiting list seats cannot be booked.
Advance booking periods:
    • In the case of excess baggage, an advance booking period of 3 working days (72 hours from Monday to Friday) before departure applies.
    • Please note the opening times of the PartnerPlusBenefit Service Center.
How much excess baggage can I take?
    • You can increase the weight or size of your free baggage or take an additional item of baggage.
    • Your free baggage allowance is dependent on booking class and frequent flyer status.
    • Each item of baggage can weigh a maximum of 32 kg, with a maximum size of 159 cm.
    • BenefitExcessBaggage cannot be used for special baggage (e.g. sports baggage).

Excess baggage overviews

The BenefitPoints per routing and target region for your excess baggage booking are shown in the following table. The corresponding countries are shown on the right hand side after positioning the cursor on the target regions:

Excess Baggage *, oneway, valid from 30.10.2018
Lufthansa (LH), Austrian Airlines (OS), Brussels Airlines (SN), SWISS (LX)
Baggage category Airline
Domestic routes
Routes within Europe
North Africa, Central Asia and
Eastern Mediterranean coastal countries
Short intercontinental routes
Medium intercontinental routes
Long intercontinental routes
Heavy or Large
(Weight: 24-32 kg or dimensions: from 159 cm)
LH, LX, OS 14000 17000 25000 34000 40000 50000
Heavy and Large
(Weight: 24-32 kg and dimensions: from 159 cm)
LH, LX, OS 27000 34000 50000 68000 80000 100000
Additonal Bag
(Weight: 23 kg and dimensions: 158 cm)
LH, LX, OS, SN 20000 24000 30000 44000 58000 70000
Additional Bag Heavy or Large
(Weight: 24-32 kg or dimensions: from 159 cm)
LH, LX, OS 36000 44000 60000 85000 108000 136000
Additional Bag Heavy and Large
(Weight: 24-32 kg and dimensions: from 159 cm)
LH, LX, OS 50000 60000 85000 120000 150000 187000
* This information is supplied without liability. Subject to changes (also in the timetable).
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