New PartnerPlusBenefit options and terms

As of 01st December 2017 you can experience important new features with PartnerPlusBenefit: We offer you a more transparent and beneficial system for earning and redeeming BenefitPoints.

The enhancements in the program consist of having a more transparent point collection and an even more attractive point redemption so that you will mostly get faster to your PartnerPlufBenefit award.

Additionally the currently PartnerPlusBenefit Plattform will be expanded with Point of Sales Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovakia and Switzerland. This means with only one PartnerPlusBenefit account, you have a wider choice of countries that qualify for the BenefitPoints collection while buying your tickets.

Here you can find out what these changes are when earning and redeeming your valuable BenefitPoints.

Download anything important - for your personal records
Convenient and clearly structured - the most important improvements, benefits and overviews can be downloaded here and then saved or printed:
New point collection overviews
These overviews determine how many BenefitPoints you will receive on a particular route based on the booking class allocation. As of 01st December 2017 we will altogether have the known 7 different travel class clusters :

- First Class,
- Business Class High,
- Business Class Discounted,
- Premium Economy,
- Economy High,
- Economy Mid,
- Economy Low.

Point collection overviews
New point Award overviews
Comfortable Free Flights - to destinations worldwide

Redeeming BenefitPoints for Benefit FreeFlights will get more attractive for you. Due to the expanded point collection and the decreased amount of required BenefitPoints to several country clusters you will reach your Benefit FreeFlight much faster.

Please find the points overview below:

Overview of Free Flights

The newly designed upgrading system - simply a bit more precise

We have created a more transparent and attractive points redemption matrix for redeeming BenefitPoints for BenefitUpgrades.

You can find the new points overview below:

Overview of Upgrades

For Excess baggage please find the new points overview below:

BenefitExcessBaggage redemptions are only possible on flights operated by Lufthansa with Lufthansa flight number and can only be granted on confirmed reservations (BenefitExcessBaggage on waiting list bookings is not possible):

For BenefitExcessBaggage please find the new points overview below:

Overview of Excess Baggage
Terms and Condition
Please find the new version here.
Further information

You are used that only tickets purchased in Germany are qualified for point collection. As of 1st December 2017 we will merge the three PartnerPlusBenefit plattforms Austria, Germany and Switzerland to one PartnerPlusBenefit platform. That gives you the advantage that you need only one PartnerPlusBenefit account while buying tickets in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The implementation of a new country cluster “ Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland” ensure that you will collect the same amount of BenefitPoints from all Lufthansa Group Home Markets and also on the redemption site the amount of the required BenefitPoints for FreeFlights and Upgrades are similar.

Further advantages are waiting for you, like common PartnerPlusBenefit promotions to gain e.g. multiple BenefitPoints.

Benefit FlyNet® Voucher

In future you may redeem 1.750 BenefitPoints for getting a Benefit FlyNet® Voucher to enjoy an internet access on board the Lufthansa long-haul aircraft fleet.

Greater Choice of Lounge Voucher

Additionally to the known Lufthansa Lounge Voucher you will be able to redeem BenefitPoints for an access to the Austrian Business Class Lounge at the Airport Vienna and the SWISS Business Class Lounge at the Airport in Zurich and Geneva.

Fraport VIP Services at Frankfurt Airport

Enjoy the Fraport VIP Services at Frankfurt Airport for 32.400 BenefitPoints and choose the service package that fits your companys needs best.

The BenefitAward with drive: Sixt vouchers

You can purchase a Sixt voucher for your next car renting in the categories 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 €.
You can therefore choose to redeem 4.500 points for a 50 € voucher, 9.000 points for a 100 € voucher, 13.500 points for a 150 € voucher, 18.000 points for a 200 € voucher and 22.500 points for a 250 € voucher.

The BenefitCredit gives you the possibility to pay-out your BenefitPoints onto your pay-out credit-/paymentcard or your SEPA bank account.
The minimum amount for using the BenefitCredit is 100€. This comes up to 12.005 BenefitPoints. 1.000 points are equivalent to 8,33€.

Change of participating airline partner

In Switzerland the participation of airline partner LOT Polish Airlines and TAP Portugal terminate due to platform harmonization by 30 November 2017.

Take a look at the booking class overview and also the new country overview below:
Booking Class allocation overview / all airlines
Assignment: Country - Travel Area

Please notice that the new point collection and redemption matrix will be valid from 01 December 2017. Until the implementation you may collect and redeem BenefitPoints in the current manner.

Airline Partners
Benefit Partners