Benefit Discount Codes

Get a discount on your next flight on one of the Lufthansa Group websites. Easily and conventiently.

Convert your Benefit points into valuable discount codes. Book your desired flight on the Lufthansa Group booking platform (,,, and benefit from reduced airfares of your choice.

Simply click on "Book" - you will receive an e-mail with your discount code immediately.

Your benefits
How to use your discount code
    • Before ordering a Benefit discount code, please check, in which country you want to start your journey with one of the Lufthansa Group carriers (Austrian, Brussels Airlines Lufthansa, SWISS).
    Select your Lufthansa Group first departure country.
    • For flights from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, as well as from countries not served by Lufthansa, please also select your Lufthansa Group booking platform.
    • Benefit discount codes are available in 4 categories with different values.
    • Only one Benefit discount code can be used for a booking transaction.
    • Book your desired flight on one of the Lufthansa Group booking platforms. At the end of the booking process, a query window will open where you can enter the Benefit discount code.
    • If the value of your discount code exceeds the total fare value of all tickets in a booking process, the remaining amount cannot be redeemed in another booking process.
    • Your Benefit discount code is valid on all Lufthansa Group flights operated by Austrian, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa or SWISS and booked on one of the Lufthansa Group booking platforms.
    • All flights in a booking must have the same airline code in the first two letters of the flight number (eg. LH....).
    • You can use your discount code for bookings until December 31, 2022.
    • The code is valid for travel until December 31, 2023.
Payment and cancellation
    • A Benefit discount code can only be purchased with Benefit points.
    • Benefit discount codes are issued preferably in the relevant national currency.
    • Unredeemed Benefit discount codes lose their validity and cannot be renewed.
    • Benefit points that have already been redeemed are non-refundable.
    • The Benefit discount code only reduces the fare value of the ticket and cannot be used for fees, taxes, rebooking charges, excess baggage, seat reservations or other flight-related ancillary products or surcharges.
    • You can order up to 10 discount codes in one step.'s terms of use apply to the redemption of Benefit discount codes.

Upon successful creation of a Benefit discount code, you can here make your flight booking.

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